Lines, forms, and other graphic picture components are considered as vector images, which are saved in a format that includes geometric formulas for producing the image elements. Points and curves are used to generate the vector images. The edges of vector graphics stay crisp and sharp no matter how large they are scaled.

Photoshop is a pixel-based program and as the name suggests, it is a photo editing program. Saving a file works a little differently in Photoshop than it does in most other programs. 

Rather than working with a single file type, such as .docx in Microsoft Word, Photoshop allows you to save your photos in a variety of ways. We are normally asked to save our artwork in PDF format however if you have drawn your artwork in photoshop then you can save it as a PSD file. 

You need to understand that Adobe Photoshop is not ideal for using vector artwork and on the other hand, Photoshop Illustrator is perfect for vector artwork but this is not accessible to everyone. So, here we’ll learn how to save a Photoshop file as a vector in this blog. 

How to Save a Photoshop File as A Vector 

Adobe Photoshop always saves the files as a bitmap or raster which produces very low-quality images compared to vector artwork. This is why vector artwork is a must and if you have made up your mind to learn how to save a photoshop file as a vector then follow these easy steps. 

Step 1: Open the File and Save It in PSD Format

Open the file in Photoshop CC and, as soon as it opens, go to “File” and then click on “Save As,” and a dialogue box will pop up where you may save your file. Give your file a name, and the file type will be saved in PSD format by default. So, keep it that way and select “Save,” and then press “OK” in the “Photoshop Format Options” dialogue box that appears.

Saving Photoshop File As PSD

Step 2: Open the PSD File

Now open the PSD file on Photoshop illustrator and after you do this, another dialogue box will appear that says “Photoshop Import Options”, you have to select “OK” without making any further changes. 

Now the file will again open, and here you can see the fonts where the texts are editable in your vector artwork so you don’t want that, in order to stop this from happening, here is what you need to do. Before you save the file, go to the layer icon on the right-hand side, you will see each layer of all the vector artwork. 

Step 3: Convert to Shape

Now go to the very first layer that has the text layer or anything that does not contain any vector artwork and simply right-click on it, and scroll down to the “Convert to Shape” option. 

Here, you need to save your file so go to “File” and scroll down to “Save As”, now give the file name and the file type that will still be in PSD, and before clicking on the Save option, tick on “Save As a Copy” option. Now a “Photoshop Format Options” will appear once again and press on “OK” just like before. 

Step 4: Open the copied file

Now open the copied file on Illustrator and then you can see the text has been converted into vector artwork. All the shapes have been converted into vectors and now your photoshop file is saved as a vector without distorting its quality. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can Photoshop Save It as A Vector?

Photoshop does not support saving files in vector format. Using shape and text layers and saving as a PDF is the closest you can get to saving vector files when creating artwork in Photoshop. 

Because Photoshop is primarily a raster-based editor, it offers limited vector designing features. If you want to convert a picture to a vector, you’ll need to utilize image trace in a vector graphics program like Illustrator or Inkscape.

Can Photoshop Save as vector, svg, pdf, ai, eps, png, webp?

  • Photoshop does not support saving files in vector format directly. 
  • Photoshop cannot save as SVG. The only way to do so is to open the photo in Illustrator and export it as an SVG file.  
  • You may save files in pdf format with Photoshop. To do so, go to “File” then click on “Save As” then press Photoshop PDF, and then “Save”. This approach works with files in the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .bmp, and .psd.
  • You may save files in PNG format with Photoshop. To save the file as a PNG, open it in Photoshop and go to “File” then “Save As” and click on “PNG” and then “Save”.
  • Photoshop does not support saving ICO files by default. 
  • A DST file cannot be opened or saved in Photoshop. 
  • Photoshop currently does not allow you to export or save a file as a WebP image.


Lines and curves formed by mathematical formulas are known as vector images. As a result, you can resize them indefinitely, and the file sizes are often tiny and that’s the best part of vector artwork. These vectors are ideal for logo and icon design, as well as other graphic design work. 

In Adobe Illustrator, you may even transform pictures into vector art. Many people are unfamiliar with vectors and why they are required in Photoshop.
Hopefully, our blog has given you a better grasp of vectors and how to save a Photoshop file as a vector. If you have any questions, please contact us, and if you like our blog, please share your precious thoughts in the comments section.

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