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Image Color Correction Service

Image Color correction services mean the replacement of color by using advanced Photoshop software. It also means colorizing the product with striking color with the best level of saturation. Color correction and Color Editing services are currently one of the most popular and essential Photoshop-based  Image editing Services. Image Color Correction Service can also be described as a photo editing process of enhancing the color and tone of a photograph. 

In addition, the editing is done to ensure that images have the most eye-pleasing and realistic color. It is a popular and widely accepted editing service for different types of photography such as model, fashion or natural photography, product photography, and so on. Color correction services are a photo editing avenue that is becoming increasingly popular

Image Color Correction Service

The Benefits Of Color Correction

Image color correction helps by smoothing out the color from shot to shot and giving the video a more contiguous feel, allowing the viewer to focus on the story. The mood and emotion of a video can be significantly impacted by color correction.

It’s indispensable not to overlook the power of color correction, just as audio can make or break a video. Sometimes production can be a hasty  process. Usually people tend to upload videos without much needed modification and editing.  But, we would recommend you to do some much needed color correction. Every frame of every shot will can’t be 100% accurate.

Skin tone is arguably the most important component in a video.  Color correction is a well-crafted  process of getting skin to look most eye-catchy and natural. We bring perfection and adjustment by ensuring proportional combination of brightness, contrast, tint etc. Color correction is incredibly useful for large film studios and  online video content. 

Because of technological advancements and the emergence of  visuals dependent platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, people expect high-quality visuals. Video contents can be more engaging and more entertaining by  color correction.

Looking For Color Correction service?

Are you searching for unparalleled  Image Color Correction Services for your product or photography project? If you are looking for a reputed,  professional and utterly skilled Image Color Correction service, the end of your search is here. Click The Photo is a UK based Image Editing Service Company that has been working with the highest reputation and professionalism since its inception.

We provide top-notch professional photo retouching and image enhancement services in bulk for photographers & photo studios, graphic designers & agencies, marketers & marketing agencies, e-commerce site owners, and project managers, printing & publishing companies, and many more at a very competitive price.

Entrust your project to our skilled and dedicated team of professionals and enjoy the results of this great collaboration.

Photo Color Correction Service We Provide

HDR Editing and Blending Services


Our skilled retouchers will blend two shots and give you flawless HDR editing and blending services.

Sharpening and Contrast Correction


Sharpening and contrast correction is a must for increased visibility and acceptance. Our image color correction team is very much capable of removing the blurry look and making the image sharper and vibrant.

Fashion and Model Photography Color Editing (Color Replace)

Fashion and Model Photography Color Editing After

Perfection in color combination is mandatory in fashion and model photography.We will remove distracting poops and add embellishments. We will apply color correction methods to adjust inappropriate colors and make the image realistic and appealing.

Product Color Editing


Color preference is quite evident in the fashion industry. Additionally, mismatching colors need to be transformed. Our super-skilled image editors will apply color correction based on your instructions and requirements.

Clothing Color Correction


We are actively engaged with apparel image editing. By choosing our color correction service you can boost your sales.

Jewelry Color correction

Jewelry Color correction After

Color correction is an indispensable part of jewelry retouching services. By applying a jewelry color correction method we will restore the desired color scene in the captured image. We ensure world class jewelry retouching service at an affordable price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Color Correction Cost?

Click The Photo is a cost-effective photoshop editing solution for the eCommerce Product photo, Portrait, and Wedding Photography Industry. 

We carefully analyze the complexity of the image, the method that should apply, and the time frame before asking the exact amount you should pay for the Background Removing service.

We usually offer a very affordable price. Additionally you will get a substantial discount on bulk image editing or processing.

How Long Does It Take To Do A Color Correction?

The time frame largely depends on the level of complexity and client’s requirement. An image color correction process usually takes up to 10 minutes – 10 hours to achieve the  desired tone. Selecting the right tone is the most essential part of color correction. An editor should be careful during exploring the ideal tone.

What Happens In Color Correction?

Adjustment of colors in the most accurate way is the major purpose of image color correction. The fundamental point of color correction is to ensure that subsequent color adjustments have more precision, and don't yield unintended results.

Is Color Correction Worthwhile?

It certainly is. Image color correction is absolutely a vital step in the process of achieving everything you could want to do with your image footage.

How Can I Color Correctly In Photoshop Without Using It?

It is quite possible to make proper adjustment by clicking the tool icon. Color balance can be adjusted by color balance icon. Adjustment layer  tool  settings of the properties channel  should  be adjusted properly.

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Why We Are Special

Click The Photo is a prominent UK-based Photo Editing and Retouching Company that has been working with the highest reputation, work ethics, and professionalism since its inception.

Click The Photo has a specialized team exclusively dedicated to carrying-out color correction services. We have more than 100 professional graphics designers. Click The Photo ensures top-notch color correction service at an affordable price. These color correction services are dedicated to photographers who need fast turnaround and top-quality services. Here you will get an unlimited revision option.

Click The Photo is committed to providing excellent customer service for all our clients. We furnish you with 24/7 service 365 days a year. Our valued customers enjoy varying bulk discounts that are simply mind-blowing. Entrust your project to our skilled and dedicated team of professionals and enjoy the results of this great collaboration.

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