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Image Masking Services

Image Masking Service is a very frequently used image editing strategy. It has gained tremendous popularity and acceptance in recent times. It can be regarded as a great alternative to the clipping path technique. Image Masking is also known as Clipping Mask. It is a sophisticated and labor-intensive task. Nowadays almost 50% of online consumers are bound to take this service. Therefore, the importance of this service is undeniable.

High Quality Photoshop Image Masking Service by Professionals

Image Masking Services

In this age of intense competition, there is no substitute for high-quality Photoshop image masking service to increase customer engagement. To get the benefits of high-quality image masking, it will be wiser to seek the help of skilled professionals. Many organizations around the world are now working on image masking.

However, the quality of most of the organizations is below the expected standards. So, we have to take the collaboration of a skilled and dedicated professional image editor. Only they are able to give the best output by properly studying customer psychology.

Our Image Masking Services

Layer Masking

Layer Masking After

By applying layer masking, we perfectly remove background or unwanted objects. Generally, we perform this task manually.

Hair Masking

Hair Masking After

By applying hair masking we separate the background from a specific image. It is not possible through a selection tool. By this image editing strategy, we flawlessly separate the soft edges of the hair.

Clipping Masks

Clipping Masks After

By applying clipping masks, we control the visibility of a layer. Clipping Mask is based on two layers. By applying clipping masks, we mask multiple layers together to create the desired shape.

Alpha Channel Masks


We apply this image editing strategy to erase backgrounds from complex objects. In the post background removal stage, we also apply the image editing strategy for correcting brightness, contrast, exposure, and color.

Transparent Object Masking


By applying this image editing strategy, we erase the inconsistency from the transparent part of the object. It is a non-destructive image editing method. We ensure a perfect color combination. The originality of color is also maintained strictly.

Background Erase Masking

Background Erase Masking Before

This image editing method is ideal for a single-layered transparent background image. After copying the main background’s images Photoshop Background Eraser Tool can be used properly.

Why Outsource Image Masking Service?

Taking the assistance of a professional image masking service is a must for maintaining perfection. All online-based businesses, including e-commerce, must display the eye-soothing picture of products. It is incredibly important for customer engagement. Only skilled and professional image editors can create flawless and appealing product images. They are also very capable of successfully completing the bulk quantity in a short time. So, the business people or professionals must outsource to get the desired result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost for Image Masking?

  • Image masking is a very complicated and multi-layered image editing method. We offer you the most affordable price for image masking service. We usually charge $2 per image.
  • You will surely enjoy a substantial discount on bulk orders. We are always uncompromising about the quality.

When You Don’t Need to Take the Image Masking Service?

Image masking is designed to serve business people and professionals. Image Masking Service is mandatorily required when Clipping Path lacks perfection. If you get the desired result by applying Clipping Path you do not need to apply image masking for image editing. Non-professional and amateur people do not need to take the help of image masking services.

How Image Masking Service Helps Drive E-Commerce Business?

Exhibiting an elegant and appealing image is incredibly important for E-commerce and online-based organizations. It is the key to customer engagement. By applying image masking service, it is quite easy to make the product images more attractive and eye-soothing. In this way, image masking service is helping to accelerate the rapid expansion of the e-commerce business.

How Does Photoshop Masking Work ?

Photoshop masking powerfully controls the visibility of a layer. There are two layers in a clipping mask. In image masking, one can remove the background and get it back when required.

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Click The Photo has a specialized team exclusively dedicated to carrying-out color correction services. We have more than 100 professional graphics designers. Click The Photo ensures top-notch color correction service at an affordable price. These color correction services are dedicated to photographers who need fast turnaround and top-quality services. Here you will get an unlimited revision option.

Click The Photo is committed to providing excellent customer service for all our clients. We furnish you with 24/7 service 365 days a year. Our valued customers enjoy varying bulk discounts that are simply mind-blowing. Entrust your project to our skilled and dedicated team of professionals and enjoy the results of this great collaboration.

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