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Image Shadow Making is an advanced editing technique which is widely applied for the enhancement of image quality. By applying this technique we can make a product image more elegant, realistic and engaging. Placement of shadow plays a vital role in this method. An online product image can be made more presentable and eye soothing by adding shadows and 3D effects. Shadow Making is done based on Adobe Photoshop.

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Perfect and flawless photo shadow making can never be expected without the help of professionals. Undoubtedly Photo Shadow Making is one of the most sophisticated and sensitive methods in photo editing. Without highly skilled and experienced editors this task is almost impossible to accomplish.

Numerous shadow making companies have sprung up around the world due to the growing demand. Unfortunately, many organizations are not able to maintain proper standards. Click The Photo is the exception here. Since its inception CTP has been providing the best quality services to its customers. Click The Photo has over 100 skilled and experienced image editors who are working diligently with utmost dedication.

We also have a team that specializes in shadow making. We provide 24/7 uninterrupted service. We provide flawless service as per the demand of the customers. We apply shadow making in a way that ensures professional and commercial success online. Collaborate with CTP for shadow making and stay ahead of others.

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Drop Shadow Making

Drop shadow making is incredibly useful for e-commerce products. A three dimensional look of a product can be developed by using drop shadow making. This advanced shadow making technique is unbelievably popular among the retailers.

Luminosity Shadow Making

Luminosity shadow making helps to enhance shadows in a well-structured way. It can flawlessly selectively modify an image based on tone. By applying luminosity shadow making blending and hard transitions related problems can be solved effortlessly. Perfection transformation can be made by our skilled editors based on this technique.

Image Shadow Making Editing

Existing shadows may need further editing. We can edit and modify both artificial and natural shadows. We can enhance the shadow and bring directional changes. Our skilled team will present you with an appealing and realistic look.

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Professional designs for websites, logos, branding, and marketing. Our designers create captivating, high-quality graphics for you.

Use advanced editing to enhance color, brightness, and vibrancy. Our editors ensure your photos look professional and impactful.

Professional layouts for print and digital projects. Our designers use InDesign to create visually engaging, well-organized designs.

Our designers create detailed 3D models with high-quality textures, lighting, and effects for marketing, visualization, or prototyping.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore commonly asked questions and find detailed answers about our offerings, procedures, and general information.

Shadow masking is an advanced and sophisticated image editing technique. It requires a lot of attention and effort. Prices are determined according to the type and nature of the work.

Click The Photo usually charges $2 per image. Initially we offer customers a free trial. Our company offers a special discount on bulk orders.

With the help of advanced image editing tools many people may be able to do shadow masking. However, it is never possible to bring perfection without the assistance of the experts. It would be wiser to rely on professional editors for the best output.

There is no room for doubt or confusion. Your original image will never be altered. We can give you 100% assurance. You can get back your original image from us at any time. Our security system is extremely impenetrable. We strictly maintain your privacy.



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