All of us face similar situations when we see ourselves in a situation where we have to enlarge
or zoom in on a picture using the zoom tool. However, one of the disadvantages, if we do that, is
that there will be a loss in quality when we do that. This enlargement of the image usually looks
very blurry and if we zoom in too much when we will sometimes find it hard to actually make up
what the original image looked like.

This is mainly because all the digital images are made of separate pixels that are displayed on
the monitor. As a result, if you enlarge them, the pixels start to become larger and at one time,
you will start seeing square-shaped edges and this will break the immersion of the smoothness
you used to get from the image. In this article, we are going to tell you how to zoom in on a
picture and make it clear. If you follow our methods or guides, then we are pretty sure that you
will be able to do that well.

How to Zoom in on a Picture and Make it Clear

Option Number 1: Enlarging the Photos with the help of Free Online Services

Enlarging The Photo

There are a lot of free online websites that can help you enlarge your images and if you visit those websites, you will be able to do the exact same thing. To enlarge your image through these websites, the first thing you need to do is to enter the websites, then you will be able to see an option that gives you the opportunity to upload or browse them from your computer and then when you find the desired picture, you will be able to click on the import or the accept button, which will then let your image proceed to their website.

Once the entire image has been uploaded to the website, you will be able to see different options that will give you the ability to put the width and the height of the image according to your need. The more width and height you put on this box, the larger the image will become.

Most of the time, nowadays, different websites have different algorithms that will help you enlarge the image with the help of their AI and this will give you the opportunity to view the best result from a bunch of images. After this point, you will be able to crop the image and then download the final image that you liked.

Option Number 2: Maximizing the Photos with the help of Photo Maximizer Editors

There is an editor that is called Photo Maximizer, which is very easy and convenient editing
software that you can definitely use to export high-quality and high-resolution images from any
type of picture, only if they are digital and you have them on your device or with you. You can
do both enlarging of very small images, or even zoom in on a specific part of the photo for your
work, you can do all of them with the help of Photo Maximizer.

If you want to know how to zoom in on a picture and make it clear with Photo Maximizer, you
first have to run the software. After that, you have to choose the subject of your photo. You
have to make sure that you choose a term that you will be able to remember and locate in the
future when you need it.

After that, you have to select the zoom setting inside your software and keep zooming in until
you are satisfied. If you are looking for zooming in and then cropping the photo, you can do this

by zooming in inside the photo first, and then, once it gets bigger, you can then use the cropping
tool and crop the final image. After you are satisfied with your work, then you should save the
changes and then print out the final image.

Option Number 3: Using different Free Editing Software like GIMP


Another easy way to zoom or enlarge your image and make it clear is by using different free
software and one of the most common software out there is Gimp. This software is a
powerhouse and it is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Besides photo editing, you can
use this software to enlarge images without the fear of losing any quality in the long run.
However, do keep in mind that you might not get great results as you did in the previous two

To do this, you have to first import the image that you want to enlarge and import that inside
Gimp. After the image has been uploaded, you have to go to the image and then click on the
scale image. After you click on that, you will find a box where you have to write the dimensions
of the image and if you write the proper dimension, you will be able to get that specified

After this, you will see that there is a quality section, from there, select Sinc (Lanczos3) as the
method of interpolation. After that, click on the “scale image” option. Interpolation is a
technical method that will definitely enable you to work and compensate all the pixels when you

enlarge them and it works in such a way that each pixel will be able to match with the properties
and values of the pixel next to its location.

For this reason, the image will not come out as blurry or pixelated even if you enlarge them.
Finally, when you are finished and happy with your image, make sure that you check your work
and then click on the export button to save it to your device.


How can I make a Blurry Picture Clear?

There are a lot of different apps and software that will be able to help you make your images
clear with the help of their algorithm. You will be able to find them easily if you search them on
Google and find the suitable website that will work for you.

There are a lot of websites that as specialized AI for upscaling and this will definitely help you
clear out the pictures that are blurred. However, do keep in mind that this is not possible if the
blurry photo is beyond repair.

How do you zoom in on a picture Clearly?

There is a lot of software, free and paid, that will help you with this thing and you can easily
zoom the images through those. If you are looking for software, then you can definitely check
out GIMP. This is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop and this will help you get what you
want to do.

Besides this, you can also do that using free websites that will help you get the job done. Also,
using Photo Maximizer Editors can be used to enlarge or zoom in on a picture and make it clear
in the long run.

What does the Smudge tool do in Photoshop?

The Smudge tool gives you the effect of dragging a brush or a finger through wet paint. Usually,
this tool picks and collects the color of the first stroke and then pushes it towards the direction
of your dragging.


There comes a lot of times when we see ourselves in a situation when we have to zoom in on a picture and make it clear. During these times, we have a lot of options that we have to look for on the Internet. If you follow our article, then we are sure that you will be able to do this without breaking a sweat.

If you have any questions regarding how to zoom in on a picture and make it clear, then please do write that in the comments sections. Also, if you liked our article, then please do take a look at our previous articles where we talked about different creative and artistic works. Have a great day!

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