You will find yourself falling into situations a lot of times where you have to convert or turn your landscape photo into a portrait because of different circumstances. Thankfully, this is a pretty basic and beginner-level job that is possible with a lot of software.

Among them, Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and versatile tool that is very handy and can do mostly all the stuff that a photo editor needs. In this article, we are going to talk about how to turn a landscape photo into a portrait. If you follow this guide, then we are sure that you will be able to do that in no time.

How to Turn a Landscape Photo Into Portrait

You can take a lot of different approaches that will help you do this. Among them, one of them is using the Crop Tool that you can find in any type of editing software.

Method Number 1:

If you are looking to edit a landscape photo and don’t want any type of distortion in your image then you will need to start cropping. Most of the time, landscape images are mostly made of 3:2 ratios. You will have to choose the Crop Tool from the Tools menu that you will be able to find on the left side of your screen. After selecting the Crop Tool, then you have to enter the ratio of the cropping that you want to see. You will have to type that ratio in the options bar.

In that box, choose the 2:3 ratios. Please note that if you keep the “Delete Cropped Pixels” box unchecked, then you will be able to re-crop the image further. After that, you need to drag the area that you want to crop until you get the required area that you want to show. Finally, after

you are satisfied with the image, hit the enter button or you can even click on the tick box that you will see in the options bar. You will now have a portrait photo of the landscape.

Method Number 2

If you are okay with accepting some level of distortion in your photo, you should definitely try this. Do make a selection round of the area that you don’t want to see distorted and then in the channels panel, you should save the selection that you did as the channel. After that, select all and then go to Edit, and then select the Content-Aware Scale in the options bar, which you need to set protect to Alpha 1 (or you can write the name of the channel that was already created in the previous step).

After you have done this step, you need to drag the handles so that you can scale the image and then you will see that the area you protected till now will not get distorted. However, the rest of the part will get distorted. Once you are happy with the result, you can press enter or even click on the tick symbol. In the end, you will be able to finally crop away the empty space and have a portrait of the image in the correct ratio.


Changing a landscape photo into a portrait is a pretty basic and beginner-level skill that you will be able to master really easily. Even if you don’t have a powerful software tool like Adobe Photoshop, you will still be able to do it using a very basic photo editing software that can do cropping. Nowadays, even smartphones can also easily do this editing with ease.

All you got to do is learn how to turn a landscape photo into a portrait for your required specification, whether it is through a smartphone or with image editing software. If you followed our guide till now, we are sure that you will be able to easily do these steps later on without our help anymore.

If you have any more questions regarding this topic, then please feel free to write your opinion in the comments box below. If you liked our article, then please do take a look at our previous articles where we talked about everything from creativity to photography.

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