There is no doubt that Amazon has become one of the most learning e-Commerce sites and this
site is full of daily products that you need in your everyday life. Their delivery system is fast and
they have discounts that are beyond imagination. As a result of this, there is no doubt that most
consumers mainly take the decision to buy things based on reputation and product pictures.

This is one of the reasons why the top Amazon sellers have already started to use high-quality
images of the products that they want to use for grabbing the eyes of the user. In this article, we
are going to give you a guide on how to send photo to Amazon seller and if you follow this you
will be able to do exactly that with ease. This is a rather comprehensive guideline and you will
be able to know the whole thing in an efficient manner.

How to send Photo to Amazon Seller

To know and follow this guideline, you first need to know a few Product image requirements and technical requirements that will make your images good and thus, the sellers happy. Please do keep in mind that Amazon maintains these processes strictly and thus, we should also maintain the system requirements that we are going to send.

We have divided Amazon photo Guidelines into two different parts so that you will be able to understand them in detail

The Technical Requirements that You will Need

• Please do keep in mind that the images of the product should be in TIFF, GIF, JPEG, or PNG format. Most of the time, the majority of the people follow the JPEG format as this is the most common.
• The color of the image must be made in sRGB or CMYK.
• The maximum size of the image that you will need to upload to the website should be 10 MB and you should never go beyond this size limit.
• The minimum dimension of the pixel for the products should be at least 1000 or larger.
• You should definitely include the Product Identifier, for example, Amazon ASIN, JAN, UPC, or ISBN. This name should be included in the file name.
• The file names of the images must follow the proper periods and the file extension should also be managed properly.
• You must not include any dashes, special characters, or spaces in the naming of the file name of the product photo.

A Few General Amazon Image Rules that You Should Follow for Listing

• It is better to take the images of the product by a professional photographer and the colors should be
realistic with smooth edges.
•If you are taking images of Books, Music, and DVDs, then they should be in 100% of the image frame.
• Other items that are not included here should be at least inside 85% of the frame.
• It should be recommended that the background of each photo should be pure white.
• There shouldn’t be any additional text or graphics in the photographs.
• The recommended dimension of each Amazon image is 1:1 square with a pixel of 2000*2000.
• It is strictly prohibited to use any pornographic or offensive objects.
•You can include any demonstrative and text graphics with your images.
• You should not include any watermarks, logos, or any other unexpected objects in your images.

How to Upload the Product Pictures on Amazon?

• First, you have to go to the inventory menu and then select the Manage Inventory option.
• You will be able to see different types of products on the list. You then have to search for the product category that you want to choose.
• Then select the category of your choosing and “Manage Images” from the menu.
• You can then add images by clicking on the “Browse File” button and will be able to even upload multiple pictures of the products from your device.
• You then have to choose the product photo and click on the “Upload Images” so that you will be able to upload the images one by one.


Amazon has become one of the biggest gateways of income for a lot of people and whether it is
the journey to build an e-commerce business, work on product photos, or even a hobby,
working with product photos is the most important factor that you have to consider for growing
your business.

In this article, we tried to help you out by giving you a guideline on how to send photo to
Amazon seller

And if you followed till the end, we are sure that from now on, you will be able to do this with
ease. Besides this, we have also included the rules and regulations that you need to keep in
mind while uploading. If you have any questions regarding this, then please feel free to write
your comments in the comments section.

Also, if you liked our article, please do take a look at the previous articles where we talked about
everything from creativity to photography. We wish you all the best.

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