Even though it is really easy to hang a picture on a regular square wall, it is a bit complicated when it comes to curved walls. As a result, it is a bit tricky, hence we have made this article where I would like to share the hacks that I have learned over the year and also how I was able to hang a picture on a curved wall. This is a very easy and simple thing to do.

If you read and follow my guides, then I am sure that you will be able to do it without any worries. From now on, you shouldn’t let your house or your staircase intimidate you with curvy walls anymore. Just follow this simple and easy DIY setup for your work.

One of the most common and asked questions that I have received related to this project is “How can I hang a picture or an art décor on a curved wall?” and “Should your canvases also be curved when you are hang them?” I am going to guide you in this detailed step by step process, so that you can easily follow along and do the same.

Tools we need to hang a picture on a curved wall

The first thing that we are going to do is to think of the tools that we are going to need to complete this process. Among them, we also need to make sure that the height of the wall because if it is too high, then we are going to need a ladder. So, if we are going to make a list of the tools, then they are:

• Nails
• Level
• Hammer
• Canvas
• Ladder
• Scale

We need to lay the canvases on the floor first because that will give us an idea on the spacing and the required amount of time this might need in total.

How to Hang a Picture on a Curved Wall

Installation of the Heading

It is completely doable if you want to install your art or your canvas on the curved wall if you follow these simple steps. The steps and portions are all separated and divided into smaller chunks so that they are nice and easy for you to understand.

Working on the Ladder


The ladder is going to act like your best friend if you want to work on this. If you want to hang the picture on a wall that has a high ceiling or places that are hard to reach, then your ladder will definitely come in handy. If you want to make this process a bit easier, then do try to get a multi-functioning ladder. These ladders are built to work on any tight or curvy spaces, especially staircases. If you have a ladder that can also extend its height, then it will be even better.

Final Preparation

You will see that almost all of the canvases come with a picture hanger that is standard in dimension. Most of the time, it is the metal bracket that is in the back side of the hanger. However, this won’t work that well when it comes to curve walls. As a result, I usually add a wire and tightly secured it with the hanger itself.

We have to make sure that the wire doesn’t hang on top of the canvas because if that happens, the wire will look bad and won’t fit with the wall properly. To make sure the wire is tight enough in the back and doesn’t show itself on top, I usually twist it around the neck of the bracket so that it remains tightly secured and also has a small loop at the back.

It is also recommended to choose nails that are a bit longer than the usual ones because that will make sure that the canvas doesn’t get too close to the wall. You have to make sure that this step is repeated for every canvas because we start stepping on the ladder. Please do keep in minds that whenever you are hanging the canvas on the wall, don’t forget to hang it by simply tilting the bracket a bit more than normal. This will make sure that the wire will be able to reach the nail on the curved wall.

Hanging the Picture on the Curved Wall

At last, the time has come to do the most exciting part of the installation process, which is hanging the actual canvas. Before you start this process, please make sure that the ladder is secure and also has a good safety measure. Try to keep first-aid kits and other things near you so that you can minimize the risk of any accident. It is better to use a work belt or a safety belt that will prevent you from falling.


If you can, keep another person near the ladder to hold it with firm hands because that will definitely help you keep your base of the ladder secure. After that, use the measurement tools and do make sure that you know where you are hanging your pictures before you start hammering the nail into wall.

It is better if you start from the middle or the bottom of the canvas if you want to hang multiple of them on the wall. If your middle canvas is centered well, then you will be able to work on the other canvases and rearrange them according to your liking. You should also make sure that the height of the middle canvas is what you are hoping for because if it is too low or high, then you will have problem with the other canvases since they might have a larger or a smaller gap.

If you want to rearrange the layout of the canvases, then please do take a look at the first step again and repeat the process. After you have finalized and happy with the layout, start with your hammer, and then put nails on the wall and finally, hang those gorgeous artworks.

Keep repeating them until all of them are in place. After that, please do take a look at the level and make sure that it is perfectly leveled before you start hanging the next one. Please use the level and don’t judge the level of the place with your eyes. This is a step that you must do if you don’t want to have trouble later on. Voila! You have completely hung your favorite canvases on a curved wall.


All of us try to make our home or our office look better and one of the best and easiest ways is to hang pictures or other art decors on a wall. Even though hanging them on a simple wall is better, it is a bit tricky if you want to do this for a curved wall.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to answer the question on how to hang a picture on a curved wall. Please do let us know if you have any questions in our comments box and if you liked it, and then please do take a look at our previous articles about photography and creativity.

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