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Right now almost 38% consumer wants their photos to background as white. That’s their basic need when they edit photos. But when you are a professional photographer usually you don’t get enough time to edit all your photo to deliver in time with good quality. Without taking help you won’t able to make every client happy. That’s why for the sake of your good growing business you need to take help from masking services.

What is an image masking service?
Image masking is normally used to remove background from the photo that has a subject with fur & hair. Here clipping path is used for removing background but if the image has complex soft edges, many turns, curves & outlines then there layer masking is much needed to overcome.

Again when the image has more fur, smoke, hair, glasses, feathers, flame, highlight, muslin, chiffon, blanket then Photoshop masking is needed to be applied here to select many more details for more precision.

Use of image masking service or clipping masking service:
• To mask off the background
• Mask out the model
• Masking hair
• Masking skin
• Remove or customize the background
• Masking selective object
• Shadow masking
• Cutout unwanted object from the image

Image masking services under click the photo ltd:
• Fur & hair masking
• Color masking
• Object masking
• Transparent object masking
• Translucent object masking
• Alpha channel masking
• Refine edge masking
• Layer masking
• Multi-masking service

Details of every masking service we provide to consumer:
Fur & hair masking:
It is the most common and complex type of masking used for removing fur & hair from the image. In this segment-first, we differentiate the background from the image then we do masking. After completing the first step then we concentrate on the enhancement of different sections such as contrast, saturation, color, exposure, brightness is being applied in the photograph.

Color masking:
Color masking is an effect that can be applied to your pictures and it involves retouching, color correction, and exposure correction. That is to say, the colors of your images can be changed and even specific parts of the image’s color can be enhanced without affecting other parts.

Object Masking:
Any part of an image that is unwanted or undesirable can be gotten rid of in the object masking process. Here, the quick selection tool can be used to outline the region and a layer can be used to replace it. The part that is chopped out could have been deformed or not necessarily needed in the image.

Transparent object masking:
Objects that light can easily pass through such as car glass, spectacles, water also have a certain degree of opacity in the range of 0 to 5 percent. These types of objects are also difficult to extract from the background, unlike solid objects. However, this masking process allows you to remove the background of such an object and then place the object on another background to produce visible color.

Translucent object masking:
Unlike transparent objects, translucent ones are those which let light pass through partially and they have an opacity of 5 to 100 percent. Some of these are fabrics, sunglasses, plastic bottles, frosted glass, and several others. These types of objects are usually a little bit blurry to pick out and maintain their translucence since they let in only little light. Nevertheless, a skilled designer like Click The Photo can still extract them from the background.

Alpha channel mask:
Alpha Channel Masking is the creation of masks with the use of colors. Images usually come with one out of these two color combinations, CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key) Color (Black) or GB, Red Green Blue. This service, however, makes it possible for a single color tone to be selected and applied to create a mask. You can also replace the background of an object such as the sky by using RGB colors.

Refine edge masking:
To give the hair, doll, fur, and other soft edges a more natural look, the Photoshop selection tool can be employed in refine edge masking. The Refine Radius tool can also be used to ensure that the resultant image is enhanced. Here, hard and rough surfaces can also be made detailed and soft thereby getting rid of the rough edges.

Layer masking:
Another tool in Photoshop that helps in masking is Layer Masking. Layers are usually formed on top of each other. Even without removing a layer, you can see through it using this technique.

Who needs image masking service & who doesn’t?

Image masking mostly used for business & commercial purpose such as:
• Magazine
• Brochures
• Billboards
• leaflet
• catalog
• online website

The reason, why they mostly need image masking service is they need the best quality with very little time. That’s why they need this service to make happy their client and growing their business purposefully.
But remember when your photo has a clear edge and your photos subject and the background color is the same and no unwanted object present in the photo then genuinely you don’t need this service at all.

Why click the photo will be your best choice for image masking:
• 100% premium quality provider
• Strictly follow client instruction
• 27/7 service
• Cost-effective
• Delivery before the deadline
• Work is done by professional & skilled editors
• Easy to communicate
• Good feedback from every client
• Very much secured service
• Free trial

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Our major priority is making our clients happy with our work. No matter what happens we don’t compromise our work quality and deadline.
That’s why we are leading this sector with many happy clients.

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